You can reach the student handbook about Kadir Has University English Preparatory Programme by clicking here.


Students who have fulfilled the attendance criteria can take the proficiency exam. Sections of the exam are as follows:

Writing %30

Reading %30

Listening %25

Speaking %15

Proficiency Success Grade

Students can be exempt from some English classes in their faculties according to the letter grade they receive in the proficiency exam. The grades and the classes students are exempt from are as follows:


95 - 100

EL 101-102-201-202


90 - 94.5

EL 101-102-201


80 –89.5

EL 101-102


70 –79.5

EL 101


60 – 69.5



59 and below+

Fail (will take the exam again)


Students can be exempt from the preparatory school programme

  • if they have at least a score of 60 from KHAS proficiency exam.
  • if they provide documents with the indicated grades of the following exam;

For exemption from the English Preparatory Programme, the internationally recognized English proficiency exams, minimum scores required and period of validity that are accepted by Kadir Has University Senate are shown in the table below.










(minimum 59 from each section)

valid for 2 years

valid for 3 years

valid for 3 years

valid for 2 years


In order for the TOEFL IBT score to be recognized, all applicants are required to submit the score using the Kadir Has University institution code (7524). In addition, the TOEFL IBT score must be taken at a test center owned by a state university in Turkey or an international test center abroad. Applications that do not meet the requirements are not accepted.


For valid TOEFL IBT scores, if applicants did not indicate Kadir Has University prior to taking the test, they can order additional score reports by mail, fax or on-line ( and request an official score report for the institution using the assigned code number for Kadir Has University (7524) as detailed in the TOEFL IBT Information and Registration Bulletin.


Sample Exams:

Sample Proficiency Exam pack (2 Readings, 1 Listening, 1 Writing) You can open the sample documents one by one by clicking below.

(You can download the documents on your computer by right-clicking on the links above and "save as" option.